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Naomi Simmons
Best selling author of courses to teach English to young children.
Currently the world's best selling author of books to teach English as a foreign language to young children.
Over 380 million copies sold in China alone. Her books are used throughout the Middle East, Asia, Europe and N Africa.
Engages learning through the child's view of the world, through stories, animations, songs, poems, games and puzzles.
Awarded honorary higher degrees and presented to Her Majesty the Queen in recognition to outstanding contribution to English Language Teaching for children.
Courses include: Family and Friends (OUP)Ricky the Robot (Pearson) You and Me/Hello Jojo (Macmillan) New Standard English for China (Macmillan/FLTRP) teachkidsenglish.com (Teach Kids Online).
Contact: simmonsnaomi@aol.com