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Ricky the Robot
Ricky the Robot
Ricky the Robot
Pearson Educación 2011
Ricky the Robot is an exciting preschool course in English for children aged 2 - 5.
Ricky is a cute but cheeky robot who belongs to our two human running characters, Toby and Kim.
Toby and Kim introduce Ricky to the human world. They take him to school, the zoo and on lots of adventures with them. Your pupils will help to teach Ricky English, and in doing so raise their confidence and self esteem.
Uses story and activity-based method, with many songs and fun features.
Follows all the requirements of official Spanish preschool curriculum. Global and Mexican editions will be available in 2012.
Includes: Pupil's books, Activity Books, Ricky MultiRom with animated stories, songs and interactive activities, compete Teacher's Resource Pack, puppet theatre and puppets.
Contact: simmonsnaomi@aol.com